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Outstanding Company Research Center Program (PI)

Silica/Silicon for Optical Communications and Optical Sensor Systems

AWG type photonic device development

Dates : Apr. 2022 ~ Dec. 2025

Funding : Photonics Planar Integration, Korea

Future Challenges Defense Technology

Research and Development(PI)

Photomechanical Reconfigurable Programmable FPPGAs

Integrated Technology

Dates : Nov. 2021 ~ Nov. 2023

Funding : Agency for Defense Development, Korea

Samsung Future Technology Fostering Program(co-PI)

Ultrasensitive, Ultrawideband, and Large-scale Silicon Photonic Matrix Imager for 4-D Ultrasound & Photoacoustic Imaging

Dates : Dec. 2021 ~ Dec. 2023

Funding : Samsung Electronics, Korea

Samsung Future Technology Fostering Program(PI)

On-chip photonic Ising machine combinational optimization problems

Dates : Dec. 2020 ~ July. 2024

Funding : Samsung Electronics, Korea

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