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April 24, 2021

Dong-Wook Kim(Ph.D Course) and Myung-Seok Hong submitted a paper to the OFC, the world's leading conference on optics, and it was accepted as the top scored paper!


March 24, 2021

The paper "32 × 32 silicon photonic MEMS switch with gap-adjustable directional couplers fabricated in commercial CMOS foundry" by Prof. Sangyoon Han as first author and in collaboration with UC Berkeley, KAIST, and EPFL has been published in Optical Microsystems!


March 21, 2021

- 2 papers submitted to CLEO, the world's leading conference on optics, were accepted by Youngjae Park and Doyoon Kim!

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February 22, 2021

Myung Seok Hong and Man Jae Her joined to INL!

​삼성 미래기술육성사업선정 (PI)

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January 01, 2021

- Prof. Sangyoon Han and KAIST prof. Hanseok,Lee & prof. Yonghee Lee publish paper in "Nature Communications".
- Ultra-sensitive lidar/gyroscope for autonomous driving can be implemented on a 1cm² semiconductor chip
- Expected to have applications in the fields of quantum light sources and quantum memory

[매일경제] [뉴스1] [전자신문] [인공지능신문] [메디컬투데이] [뉴스프리존] [뉴스핌] [헬로티]

Meeting with INL members


October 06, 2020

2020년도 하반기 삼성미래기술육성사업 ICT 부문에 '조합 최적화 문제를 위한 온 칩 광학 아이징 머신(On-chip photonic Ising machine combinational optimization problems)' 의 연구주제로 선정되었습니다.

"삼성전자, 2020년 하반기 ‘삼성미래기술육성사업’ 지원 과제 선정" [중앙일보] [Samsung Newsroom] [한국경제] [매일경제] [뉴시스]

"DGIST 2020년도 하반기 ‘삼성미래기술육성사업’ 2개 과제 선정" [서울신문] [전자신문] [뉴시스] [헤럴드경제] [브레이크뉴스] [대학저널]

New Member Join


September, 2020

New Member Join


August 18, 2020

Dong Uk Kim joined to INL


March 2, 2020

Do Yun Kim and Young Jae Park joined to INL

INL was started!

March 1, 2020

INL was started.

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